Millbank Cheese

Millbank ON

Created in 1908 from a vision held by several local farmers, a cheese factory was set into operation. Today, Millbank Cheese still uses traditional recipes and local dairy suppliers to create the cheese it’s known for. We at Fall Harvest carry a large selection of Millbank cheese including their cheese curds, brick cheese and the famous hand rolled Amish Butter.

Mountainoak Cheese

New Hamburg, ON

Founded on the love of quality Gouda cheese. Adam and his wife Hannie dairy farmers from Holland came to Canada seeking new opportunities. Mountainoak cheese is a modern state-of-the-art cheese plant. We at Fall Harvest Farm carry a large selection of their cheeses including their award-winning Farmstead Gold & Black Truffle.

Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery

Kitchener, ON

Founded in 1996. Ray Woodey who has been in the potato chip industry for many years has created Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery. Premium, fresh hand- crafted chips made from local potatoes. He’s well known for his booth at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market. We carry a large variety of potato chips including salt & malt, wildfire, sea salt, sourcream & onion, BBQ and many more!

Apple Hill Lavender

Windham Centre, ON

Family farm since 1906. Currently farming apples and lavender in beautiful Norfolk County. Open from May-Dec to the public. July is the best month to visit as lavender is in full bloom. We carry some of their products in our store front including fresh lavender, lavender essential oil, and handmade apple and lavender soaps.

3Gen Organics

Wallenstein, ON

Family business for more than 5 generations! They fully transitioned to organic practices 2018. They raise pigs as well as many crops including corn, soybeans and alfalfa. Their farm is over 500 acres. We carry their organic tortilla chips both sea salt and nacho cheese. These chips taking snacking to the next level!

Wellesley Brand Apple Products

Wellesley, ON

For over 75 years Wellesley Brand Apple products has been making quality apple products. All apple products are naturally sweet without the use of added sugars or sweeteners. All apples are Canadian grown.

We carry:

• Apple cider both 2L and 4L (when in season)
• Apple butter 250ml, 500ml 750ml
• Pumpkin apple butter (when in season)
• Sparkling cider both apple and cranberry
• Concord grape juice (when in season)
• Strawberry and raspberry jam 250ml & 500ml

Baden Coffee Company

Baden, ON

Started in 1997. Baden coffee roasts over 35 different coffees on-site including exotic, flavored and fair-trade. They supply coffee to over 300 businesses in southern Ontario including Fall Harvest Farm. We carry a variety of their best coffees such as:

• Castle Reserve
• Spring Maple
• Charlie’s secret
• French vanilla
• Vanilla Hazelnut
• Pumpkin Spice (Sept & Oct)

Eby Manor

Waterloo, ON

The farm was purchased in 1959, owned by Jim and Ruth Eby. Their first batch of milk was processed in 2012. Inspired by the unique qualities and benefits of Guernsey milk (white and brown cows) as it contains 100% A2 protein. People with milk sensitivities can enjoy this milk.

We carry all Eby Manor products:

• 2% milk
• 4.8% whole milk
• 4% chocolate milk
• 10% cream
• 4.8% yogurt
• Guernsey cheddar cheese

Atwood Heritage

Atwood, ON

Started in 1962, previously known as N.S Martin Processing. Atwood Heritage purchased the business in 2010, keeping the same processing traditions and original recipes.

Handmade using only quality beef and lean pork and following traditional fermenting and smoking methods, we produce a shelf stable product without fillers or binders and containing as few additives as possible. All products are gluten-free and dairy-free.

We carry:

• 12” original beef & pork summer sausage
• Snack stix 10 packs- honey garlic, mild medium, hot
• Salami stick 125g

Wagler Maple Products

Wellesley, ON

Known for their exceptional taste and quality, 3rd generation owners David and Rosanna Wagler have been making maple syrup their whole life. In 2012 they built a canning and storage facility on their farm so they can sell their maple syrup federally inspected.
We carry a variety of their maple products in our store including their maple BBQ sauce

Kipfer’s Heritage Farms

Millbank, ON

Made up of 25+ small family farms in the Millbank area. High quality meats, non -GMO. Well known for their booths at the St. Jacobs, Cambridge and Kitchener farmers markets. Our store carriers their pork, beef and chicken. Various cuts are available including steaks, burgers, pork chops, ground beef, ground pork. Many pork sausage varieties:

• Honey garlic
• Farmers
• Garlic
• Smoked
• Apple butter
• Jalapeno
• Smokey bacon and cheese

Nith Valley Apiaries

New Hamburg, ON

Established in 1918, Nith Valley Apiaries has been passed through four owners. Currently owned by Mike & Erika Roth. There hives are all around Perth, Waterloo, & Oxford counties. Over the past few years, they have explored batch specialty flavored honeys such as elderberry, strawberry and pumpkin honey.

We carry:

• Summer Blossom honey
• Creamed honey
• Ginger honey
• Cinnamon honey
• Mint & lemon honey
• Pumpkin honey (seasonal)
• Elderberry honey (seasonal)

Phlippen Inc

Kitchener, ON

Founded by Kris Phippen. 4 unique condiment flavors! Hand-crafted in small batches. Smokey flavor. Each ingredient is locally sourced all natural and gluten free.

Its hands down the most phlippen versatile condiment out there! Pairs great with meat, eggs, pizza, sandwiches and much more!
We carry all the flavors original, sweet heat, hot and jerk.

Udderly Ridiculous

Bright, ON

Owned by Greg & Cheryl Haskett who live on a 3rd generation goat farm in Oxford County. The milk produced by their goats is used to make their gourmet ice cream. All 6 flavors are available in our store, coffee and craft brew, vanilla lavender, peachy mango tango, wine and dark chocolate, lemon cream and pumpkin spice. Goat milk contains less lactose than regular cow milk therefore it can be enjoyed by those who are lactose intolerant.

Bee by the Sea

Orillia, ON

Bee by The Sea Natural Products was founded in 2008 by Andrew Wingrove. Their products are made up of sea buckthorn berries and honey. Sea buckthorn has an incredible healing qualities and anti-aging benefits. All ingredients are natural. Their products have helped those with mild skin conditions like rosacea, dry skin, sun burns, eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Call our store for a full list of Bee by the Sea products available.

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