Most farms will boast about the fact they’re family owned and operated. But agriculture truly runs in our veins. Our family history goes back six generations working this farm. Our grandfather Wilfred Kittel built the famous black bear mailbox outside our store front. He taught us all how to farm the old fashion way and we have carried on his love of farming and preserving the land ever since. But our mother, Rosemary, was the one who really sealed the deal with her roadside pumpkin stand.

Today, our entire family has a hand in the operation—and with six kids, there is plenty of work to go around. Even those of us who are off at college come home to work the land in the summer. Our eldest sister, Josephine, even followed in our mother’s footsteps, selling summer produce at a roadside stand to pay her way through school, where she studied agriculture and horticulture.

The truth is, farming is hard work. But we do it because we love it. And keeping that rustic, family-run feel is what helps us stay connected to our community.

What started as a roadside seasonal produce stand has evolved into a full-scale operation, complete with a storefront where we showcase other local farms that have the same passion. But what truly makes the work worth it is our customers.

Year after year, we welcome the same families to our farm. They’re always eager to see what we’ve done with the pumpkin scene or to discover a new and exciting crop. In return, we get to see their families grow and help them support their community in new ways.

Come join us and be a part of the extended family.

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